We aggregate news articles from hundreds of conservative media platforms providing a wide range of differing opinions and perspectives. We capture leading headlines from conservative media with a focus on political news and core issues that affects America(ns). It's news that, thanks to the disgraced leftist media, rarely if at all gets the attention it deserves.

Our goal is to make it easier to find conservative news. We categorize and group topics to help keep related topics together. We also give you a Quick view if you want a quick look at what we post each day in chronological order.

We're vet owned and operated, volunteering our time and money. That's correct, we make no money from our site. Sometime down the road we will begin accepting donations, but right now we believe it's important, and are glad, to bring you conservative content that is rarely seen - even on Drudge.

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  • Clean site presentation. More content, less flash.
  • Selective content. We limit redundant stories from different sources.
  • Primary focus on political news. Little to no entertainment, sports, or lifestyle news.
  • No sales pitch banners. You either prefer us or you don't.
  • Well organized with well defined categories.
  • Quickly and easily jump to a specific category.
  • We time-stamp "last post" so you can easily determine if we have new content since your last visit.
  • We offer two different homepages. "Home" - Category view (default), and "List" view (not categorized - no images). Simple chronological order. Bookmark the one you prefer.
  • Best archive retrieval system. In house - fast & easy.
  • We are AD FREE! Always will be.
  • We will never cite disgraced leftist media.
  • We don't use WordPress, a company known to have banned conservatives.
  • We don't use Google Analytics. We avoid Google products.

Posted links are maintained in chronological order with the most recent on top. Within each category links cycle down as new ones are posted. Each category continuously displays the most recent links. You can click on "See all" to view all associated articles. Many users opt to bookmark our Quick view page as their starting page. List view displays all links in chronological order without category grouping.

Conservative Media Report is essentially a three page website. Producing an app will provide no additional value to our visitors. Our site is mobile friendly. That means our page will display on your device the same way an app would. Save our page to your home screen and it will create an icon that you will be able to tap on and be taken directly to our site, very much like any app will do. Additionally, because there is no app, big tech will not be able to track your download or use of an app.

Also, because we want you to have the best possible experience we welcome feedback on design and presentation. Let us know: contact@conservativemediareport.com

You may have noticed a lot of "Drudge-like" sites popping up. With Drudge's move to the left conservatives are rushing to fill the void. We have studied and analyzed much of the leading ones. The good news is those we've reviewed are rooted, solidly, in conservatism, as are we. They range from a minimalist approach in quantity to a shotgun approach. If you've been to these sites, you know what we mean. You're probably familiar with Drudge, but also take a look at Whatfinger. An excellent conservative website, though they definitely take the shotgun approach. We've developed our site to occupy the space between this extreme and Drudge.

How are we different than Drudge Report?

Besides the obvious website design, below is a comparison.

Conservative Media ReportDrudge Report
99% of all news drawn from conservative media, or other sources first reviewed, opined on by conservatives.Majority political headlines drawn from Leftist media (disgraced and discredited organizations, well established biases, creators of fake news). No validity, quality check or caution to readers.
US news and events with focus on core national issues and interests, or worldwide news that affects the US directly.

Our "General headlines" will contain content with a greater range of interests.
Worldwide news and events. All categories.
Volume & quality
See our complete About page."Drudge Report provides curated headlines with links to prevailing stories about current events worldwide." -Drudge Privacy page. Result: News, reports that Drudge Report deems important with a growing dependency and rapport with disgraced leftist media outlets.
All of our headlines are available on our site. Clicking on "Show previous" can quickly reveal all previous headlines. A deeper search into archived headlines is one click away by clicking the "Search" button.Visitors must visit Drudge Report frequently or they will miss headlines. Archives are not handled by Drudge Report. Finding archived headlines takes some work and patience.
Site design
Mobile friendly website. No app. No personal data required from our site or your device.Mobile app may collect personal information when a visitor registers the app, or otherwise contacts them, and may include contact information (such as name, address, telephone number, or email address) and contact preferences. It may also include professional information, such as job title, department or job role, and the nature of an individual’s request or communication. Learn more
No auto browser refresh. Just click on our logo to refresh.Auto browser refresh.
Simple and user friendly, in-house archive system. Click the "Search" button to begin.DrudgeReport.com has no archive system. DrudgeReportArchives.com is owned and operated by third party. DrudgeReport.com claims no affiliation.
Simple layout to view topics and categories.Hodgepodge of topics
Selling out to the Left
ZERO chance.You be the judge.

We do not collect any personally identifiable information (PII).

Our server, in fact, all website servers collect common browser information from their visitors. This includes browser type, system/device brand, screen resolution size, IP address, referring URL, page visited, number of visits, and time of visit.

We use a web traffic monitoring tool called STATCOUNTER (statcounter.com). It uses the information above to build graphs and charts to help us determine the best possible services to provide.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us: contact@conservativemediareport.com

*We do not recognize disgraced leftist propaganda media as dependable or trustworthy sources of information.They are consumed with Trump hatred, and perpetuates fake news. They report the democrat narrative, not the news (-jw). Will never cite reports, news, or events from them on this site. They include: CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, AP, Bloomberg, and others.