Books & authors

Most recent conservative and non-leftist books & authors

Charlie Kirk: The MAGA Doctrine: The Only Ideas That Will Win the Future

Dinesh D'Souza: The Big Lie

David Horowitz: Dark Agenda

David Limbaugh: Guilty by Reason of Insanity

Jason Chaffetz: Power Grab

Jerome R. Corsi: Killing the Deep State

Kimberley Strassel: Resistance (At All Costs)

Laura Ingraham: Billionaire At The Barricades

Mark Levin:Unfreedom of the Press

Michelle Malkin: Open Borders Inc.

Mollie Hemingway: Justice on Trial

Newt Gingrich: Trump vs. China

Pete Hegseth:American Crusade

Peter Schweizer: Secret Empires

Raheem Kassam: No Go Zones

Rush Limbaugh: Brave Pilgrims

Tom Homan: Defend the Border and Save Lives